He said


He said,
“My poems to you-
You can’t write on WordPress
You can’t scribble down-
pass over to friend

This is how I make you feel like
Like a teenager again
Like it’s excessive oxygen to breathe
And now you can’t even look directly at my face
And now you can’t even breathe”




and now
 I can't even breathe

3 thoughts on “He said

  1. I liked you poem. It had some feelings for me. Did you mean ‘breath’ or ‘breathe’. Mighty nice imagination, MAM! Well put, in very good taste. A bit of prophetess are you?

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    1. Thank you so much!! 😉 yes I did the correction. BTW, yes, this poem is not about a certain person- its about the ability Lord has to make us feel about a certain person. And how one finds it hard to describe that to a nonbeliever. ❤


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