Picking up pens & pencils


It goes like this,mostly…

I wasn’t drowning I guess;
no abience nor screams
Sinking I was I guess
I am
I will be
Slowly yet steady
Sinking without a cure
Sinking protesting a cure

Old habits of screening and numb
It was harder yet easier that way

But a knock on the door
can cause a lot of things
Anxiety to some
Lifesaver to some
Yes, a simple knock
can save a life sometimes

I wasn’t to come here now
maybe for a while
maybe forever but
You made me now
You made me

A cat
on the shore of a hidden island
with a smile on her eyes
saying a meow of thank you

I’m glad you did

The playboy perfect correction



Because someone
who read it
and knew whom
I was referring to
“You know he can see this, right?”
-the poem
I wrote about him
five years later

“Maybe he’ll call you again…”
once a playboy
still a playboy…(?)

So I tore it down,

I don’t want that to happen
I’m too old

I think
I’m too fragile